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What I Built This Week: June 10th-14th, 2024

What I Built This Week: June 10th-14th, 2024

Background Noise

Nothing special stood out this week. Just the usual podcasts. Favorite was Tim Dillon on Joe Rogan.


After last week’s jam session overhauling how Mod is built, I made solid progress porting all of the existing component designs over. It was mildly tedious at first, but along the way I came up with some helpful conventions that allowed me to customize behavior of preview UI on a per-component basis.

Now that all of the existing stuff is ported, I can pick back up on where I was on getting the initial set of free components put together.

This week’s work gave me a better idea about how Mod is going to be offered, too. The light theme and free components will be available free of charge indefinitely, and after the initial release of Mod, I’ll be rolling out a “Plus” version.

That Plus version will have a lot more components, compositions, and an additional dark theme, all available for a pay once license. I haven’t 100% landed on pricing yet, but due to the scope (and that the components/compositions available will continue to grow indefinitely), I’m eyeballing somewhere between $199-$299 for a lifetime individual license and $699-$799 for a lifetime team license (up to X developers).

As I get closer to rolling this out, I’ll share more details. Excited to get this out to folks as, shockingly, most of the major CSS frameworks today are tightly coupled with a specific UI framework or process/compiler. Mod will be delivered as plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript that can work with any framework. Later this year, I’ll be adding Joystick components that simplify the integration process (and make using Joystick a no-brainer).


Finally getting a breather on the Moumint side of things. This week was mostly focused on clean up tasks, fixing some obvious performance snags, and implementing last minute stuff like SEO tags, a reset password flow, and a simple blog. Awaiting some feedback on bug fixes which will likely be my main focus next week and then that should do it for v2.

Next Week

Continuing on Mod and bug fixes for Moumint. For Mod, now that the set up is a bit more manageable on the code side, I’ll likely start working through the free vs. paid routing so I know how all of that will work.

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Ryan Glover

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