meta // Nov 09, 2022

Discontinuing CheatCode Pro

Effective today, new subscriptions to CheatCode Pro—our existing subscription service for accessing tutorial repos and the CheatCode Pro Discord channel—will no longer be available.

Existing subscribers are welcome to keep their subscriptions active (retaining access to all repos), however, once canceled will not be available for resubscription.

Moving forward, tutorial repos will be available for purchase on a per-tutorial basis for $5 USD with 20% of this $5 going to Watsi each month (a monthly record will be made accessible at starting in December 2022).

Why discontinue?

Lack of interest. Admittedly, at the outset I was a bit skeptical about starting a low-price subscription as it's easy to forget. While I was fortunate to have a few consistent subscribers (10-15), most people would subscribe and then cancel immediately, only grabbing the repo they were after.

Activity in the CheatCode Discord has been sparse, too. It hasn't been utilized as much as I'd hoped and paywalling it, in retrospect, increased the likelihood of that outcome.

What now?

As hinted above, repos will still be available for purchase on tutorials for $5.

If you have an existing account with an ACTIVE subscription, all repos are automatically unlocked(if for some reason this isn't true for you, please contact with the email of your account).

If you have an existing account with a CANCELED subscription, you will be prompted to buy the repo with your existing payment information on file (which can be updated via the /account page).

If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to enter your email address, name, and payment information. This will create an account with a temporary password (so you have indefinite access to your repo) which will be emailed to you, along with a password reset attempt so you can change it (if you wish).

All repos that you purchase will be available for download directly at the top of the tutorial (when you're logged in) as well as on your /account page under the "Tutorial Repos" header and on the /account/repos page.

As for the Discord, I've decided to open this up entirely. I had already started down this path a few couple months back and it makes the most sense. Moving forward, all channels will be open to the public. If you'd like to join to chat about your project or get some helpful hints on how to fix something, please join us:

Moving forward

My hope is that the new per-tutorial repo model will make it more accessible to developers who don't want yet-another-subscription. I'm also excited about 20% of purchases going to Watsi—an organization I've been a fan and personal contributor to for several years.

As always, I'm available for any questions or concerns. Just send an email to or hop in the Discord linked above.



Written By
Ryan Glover

Ryan Glover

CEO/CTO @ CheatCode